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Nicole Kidman and Ines Alberdi visit Haiti

August 2010

The massive earthquake of January 2010 in Haiti is estimated to have left more than 200,000 people dead and 1.5 million homeless. Women have been particularly affected by the disaster and UN Women is contributing to the recovery programme. UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman and Executive Director Ines Alberdi visited Port-au-Prince at the end of July. They stressed the urgent need to address gender-based violence in the country and to develop long-term initiatives that advance women‘s livelihoods as part of the rebuilding effort.

Meeting Haiti‘s survivors of violence

Nicole Kidman in Haiti

In times of natural disasters, women and girls are at heightened risk of violence, in particular sexual violence, because of lack of shelter and security. Ms Kidman and Ms Alberdi visited a temporary shelter for survivors of violence run by a local UN Women partner. They also met Haitian and UN officials and representatives of NGOs working to support women‘s needs in the recovery efforts. The picture shows them meeting Hermione, a former school teacher, who is now providing educational activities in the garden of her ruined house for children from temporary shelters.

"During this trip I saw first-hand how this humanitarian disaster is impacting women and girls”, Nicole Kidman said. “Yet I have also seen the determination and resilience of women and men in Haiti to rebuild their country.”

For more information about the visit to Haiti, go to www.unifem.org/news_events/story_detail.php?StoryID=1144

UN Women‘s programme in Haiti

UN Women has an established country programme in Haiti. Even before the earthquake, political instability and budget constraints had added to the fragility of public institutions. Poverty, gender inequities and violence against women and girls were pervasive. UN Women was working with ministries and civil society organisations to help build the government‘s capacity to deliver services and be accountable. Priorities included reforming laws that discriminate against women, increasing women‘s participation in elections, mobilising a response to widespread sexual violence and dealing with women‘s poverty.

In the aftermath of the earthquake UN Women Haiti is working with local partners to provide temporary shelters for women and services for survivors of violence, and to ensure that there are opportunities for women‘s voices to be heard in all phases of reconstruction.

For more information about UN Women‘s programme in Haiti, visit www.unifemcar.org/pr_.cfm?ID=35&Sec_=Programmes

Make a donation to the UN Women Haiti shelter fund today

You can support the urgent work in Haiti by donating online through UN Women in New York at https://secure.globalproblems-globalsolutions.org/site/Donation2?df_id=1960&1960.donation=form1

Responding to the humanitarian emergency in Pakistan

UN Women is also involved in relief and recovery operations in Pakistan following the recent floods that have affected the lives of millions. The focus is on supporting assessment of the conditions and needs of women and girls in affected areas, and on addressing gender-based violence among vulnerable populations. At the same time, ongoing development work carried out by UN Women will continue, with programme teams making efforts to address some of the issues arising from the emergency.

For more information go to www.unifem.org/news_events/story_detail.php?StoryID=1157

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